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“It was always a pleasure and a learning experience to work with Brooke to improve process and efficiencies within Ally. Her leadership was instrumental in bridging an often precarious gap between development and testing. I looked to Brooke not only as a role model for management but also as an adaptive thinker who was focused on always doing things right rather than just getting things done. I can honestly say that Ally has not been the same place without her.”May 15, 2012Noel Fiser, Web Presentation Architecture Manager, Ally Financial Inc.
“I had the honor of working alongside Brooke. She is a natural results-driven leader who sets the vision for her team and then allows them the room to perform. As a peer, she was collaborative and able to speak to the latest technologies in testing strategies and tactics. I would recommend Brooke to any company wishing to reform their tired testing practive or needing to create one from the ground up.”March 26, 2012Lori (Hirtz) McNabb, Content & Creative Service Manager, Sr Marketing Mgr, Ally Bank
"I was charged with setting up an enterprise UAT team, but had little Quality Assurance experience. Luckily, I met Brooke Bowie and had the pleasure of directly managing her for almost 3 years at Ally. Brooke confidently joined my team and built a nimble and efficient test organization. Brooke is a strong and dedicated leader, mentor, and manager. She worked flawlessly within my team and across the broader organization to improve processes and enable rapid delivery of quality changes for Ally websites. I strongly recommend Brooke to any organization that needs a versatile and goal oriented leader to help solve business problems and mature organizations.”March 17, 2012Danielle Werner, Ecommerce Delivery Director, Ally Financial Inc.
Brooke Bowie is an exceptional UAT Senior Level Manager with an extraordinary insight to meeting the business and customers’ needs. Brooke is a visionary whose applied cutting edge Quality Test Procedures and practices for many of the successful software implementations at Ally Financials.
Brooke has also successfully led the task of building multiple Quality Assurance Teams for the different products across the multiple lines of business at Ally.

I highly recommend Brooke Bowie for any organization as she guarantees a strong work ethic, organization and structure. Brooke is a true professional who will implement and set high standards in Quality and proficiency in any company.”December 19, 2011
Philbert Barber, UAT Senior Lead at Ally Financials Inc.
"I had the pleasure of working with Brooke at Ally Financial where she implemented and lead the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) team for eCommerce. Brooke has a passionate work ethic, is committed to quality, and strives to ensure her testing organization delivers a high quality product."

Brooke is a talented Executive who provides a vision, leadership, and organization for her testing groups in the development and execution of their testing strategies. Her focus is not simply managing a process but ensuring the appropriate level of leadership and vision is applied to maximize the support provided to an Enterprise.”December 5, 2011
Ricardo Bruce English, PMP, IT Program Manager, Consultant, Ally Bank
“Brooke Bowie is an incredibly talented business executive who uniquely understands the enterprise value of Quality Management. Unlike some quality professionals that I have worked with in the past, Brooke understands the interdependencies that a commitment to quality managemement provides to almost every LOB organization and its direct impact to the strength of both the balance sheet and the bottom line of any Fortune 1000 company.
She is a forward-thinker, and a savvy business professional. I have enjoyed working with her, and look forward to more opportunities to engage her company's services to enhance the caliber of our offerings especially in our current competitive climate.”March 21, 2009
Edwina Moore Corprew, Chief Operating Officer, MiddleTech Corporation

“Brooke was down-to-earth and fun to work with. She had a genuine concern for the success of our organization. Ms. Bowie also took great care to ensure that I understood the quality management discipline and that I was prepared with the correct documentation. Through working with Brooke, I not only set the stage for our products to be a success, I learned about quality management industry standards that will make my career a success.”November 24, 2008Top qualities:Expert, High Integrity, CreativeOlivia Boone

“I am pleased to recommend Brooke Bowie. Brooke is a strategist with the intellectual horsepower to create and execute a software quality program. She knows how to identify talent and build the team required to execute the vision.”December 19, 2008Edith Pettway Brown, SVP/Director, National City Bank
“Brooke established Test Process for National City Bank. QA & Test team members of her organization, who were working in different portfolios implemented the process in phased manner. Brooke created a culture of continuous improvement. As a result, QA team members developed and shared the standards and best practices in the Project Management Office.”November 17, 2008Prasad Tyadi MBA, MPM (US Citizen), Senior Test Project Manager,
“Brooke is a strong leader who sets clear direction. Her expertise in her field is deep and wide. Brooke would be a strong addition to any management team that puts a premium on quality.”November 17, 2008Paul Eddy, SVP and Business Information Officer, National City
“Quintessentially, Brooke is a dynamic leader that values the skill sets of all colleagues and a strong inspiration to many striving toward the common goal in reaching excellence. Brooke was very instrumental in setting the foundation for UAT, while concurrently raising the bar for efficiency in existing project management processes at ABN AMRO. Brooke have been a mentor figure to me and provided wise counsel during critical decision-making times in my professional career. I highly recommend Brooke without any hesitation and a firm believer she can deliver the highest level of quality and professionalism.”November 15, 2008Randy Wooding, UAT Project Manager, ABN AMRO/ LaSalle Bank
“Brooke was brought in to promote and speak the language of process and best practices. Her efforts laid the foundation for all the Program Management and executive reporting at Starbelly.com. She was a joy to work with and mentor and will be a great asset to any group needing structure and clarity.”November 23, 2008Nic Kernene, CIO, Starbelly.com
“During a very challenging period for our IT operations Brooke was instrumental in the development of our Quality
Assurance group. She led the Technical System and Integration test efforts that helped transform our business through web-based applications. Brooke has great technical aptitude which is an asset in ever changing environments.”November 18, 2008
Vince Powell, Manager, Production Automation, The Options Clearing Corp